Kids' fashion: Can't buy it? RENT IT from The Borrowed Boutique

Published January 31st, 2018 by Lauren Burroughs

In 2016 I knew I was having a boy. Well, I didn’t know for sure. But I was more than convinced. So you can imagine my surprise (and to this day the ultimate delight) when I had my baby girl, Ora. Up until then, since I was so stubbornly sure that 'she' was actually a 'he,' buying clothing for girls was the last thing on my mind. But once I held my beautiful little girl in my arms, I knew that I had to find the most beautiful, perfect dress to match her. 

Enter Tutu Du Monde. Once I laid my eyes on a Tutu Du Monde dress, I knew I had found the perfect dress to mirror my baby girl. I myself was a tomboy for most of my childhood, so perusing fancy tutu dresses was unfamiliar territory for me. But eventually I found the perfect one - The Swan Queen Tutu Dress. Added to cart!

Ora in a rented BB Tutu Du Monde Dusky Delight Tutu Dress 

Then reality set in. I went to check out and noticed my total was over $200. Wait, did I accidentally add two? Nope. You see, Tutu Du Monde is just about as elegant a dress you can get for your little girl, and, while the price tag reflects that, my budget did not. Make no mistake, the quality is superb. The dresses are stunning, all handmade, and the details are perfection. But justifying $200 on a dress for a little girl was out of my realm of sanity. Especially since she would grow out of it faster than you can imagine.

So what’s a stylish parent to do for their soon-to-be-stylish children? Can’t buy it? Simple: RENT IT.

The Borrowed Boutique is an incredible solution. The BB website offers boutique clothing and accessory rentals for your kids -- girls and boys! It’s absolutely perfect for birthday parties, family photos, weddings, and really any other excuse you can find to fancy your babies up! It’s changed the way I shop. 

Beacon in a rented BB Appaman Boys Mod Suit

The Borrowed Boutique allows you to celebrate your children while still respecting your budget (and the environment). 

It's a brilliant money-saving solution for parents and I'm so happy to have found them! Stalk their instagram page for inspiration and cuteness overload here: @theborrowedboutique 

And with that….HAPPY RENTING to all of you stylish-money-saving-parents of 2018! 

Ora and Beacon in rented BB outfits